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Do you have the Power To Do? Power To-Do List is a powerful, easy-to-use, GTD-friendly to-do list
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9 September 2011

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A powerful tool to simplify the task of To Do list maintenance and generally making it easier to remember things by making convenient notes.

Pros: The Power To-Do List is, as its name suggests a software that enables a user to create powerful To Do lists; or rather, it enables a user to powerfully manage the task of creating and maintaining To Do lists. Similarly, it works well for note taking and generally remembering all sorts of things that are required in day to day life (reminders to pay bills etc). It is partially based on David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) method, users who are familiar with it will like the convenience provided by this tool. It allows the user to view tasks in several different contexts: next actions, projects – eight different views. “Snoozable” reminders continue to alert the user until he / she finally completes the task and deletes (marks as completed) the task from the list. The task lists are searchable and this makes it really easy to search for a particular task.

Cons: Although this a decent tool when it comes to GTD. The problem is that for certain users who like to have a nice-looking interface it will end up being a drag and in a sense will not enable to get things done. Part of a GTD approach should be to inspire the user to get things done, and so an attractive interface would be part of that commitment. Some customization of the interface (to place things as desired) would also have been a good thing. As it stands it also has a heavy price tag that many would be unwilling to pay. There doesn’t seem to be an option of emailing the lists to a remote location by email.

Overall: 4 stars. All in all, it is a pretty decent tool for note taking as well as maintaining To Do lists. But the interface needs improvement for it to be a really attractive and popular solution. It is also over-priced for the functionality it provides.

Publisher's description

Do you have the Power To Do? Power To-Do List is a powerful, easy-to-use, GTD-friendly to-do list program that helps you get more done in less time than ever before. Group your tasks by next actions, projects, contexts, and more - eight different views in all. With snoozable reminders, a fully searchable task database, and 10 different predefined reports, Power To-Do List is the last to-do list program you'll ever need.
Power To-Do List
Power To-Do List
Version 1.30
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